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Villages nearby

The campsite is situated on a road along the Caldonazzo lake where you can find restaurants, pizzerias and icecream shops, some of which also offer a lake view.
About 1,5 km from the campsite you will find the quiet villages of Caldonazzo and Calceranica. They offer basic services, like pharmacy, post office, bank, tobacco shop, newspaper shop, two well stocked supermarkets, groceries, clothes and shoes shops, souvenir shops and bicycle rental.
About 10 minute walk from the campsite you will find the Caldonazzo train station and you can reach the neighbouring villages and the city of Trento.
Weekly markets take place along the main streets in Caldonazzo and in Calceranica.
The nearest shopping centres are situated in Pergine Valsugana (8 km), Borgo Valsugana (15 km) and Trento (23 km).
The near places Levico Terme, Pergine Valsugana and Borgo Valsugana can be reached by bike, train and car.
City map: Caldonazzo e Calceranica

LEVICO TERME (about 5 km from the campsite)
Levico Terme, a historical thermal town, hits for the style from the XIX-century. The nobles from all over Europe came to unwind (Hasburg park of the thermal building) from the stress of the court. The combination of ancient and modern makes it an ideal center for strolling through small shops and stores. Levico was born on the shores of the homonymous Lake of Levico.
Weekly, the town liven up  with a lively market along the main streets.
City map: Levico Terme

PERGINE VALSUGANA (about 8 km from the campsite)
Pergine Valsugana is the main town in the upper part of Valsugana. Its town-centre has medieval origins, as you can see from the historic towers with adjoining castle. The nearest Valle dei Mocheni, the enchanted valley covered by larch woods, is also worth a visit. In Pergine you can find small shops and the shopping center, with a big supermarket and several shops inside to satisfy the desire for shopping.
Weekly, the town liven up  with a lively market along the main streets.
City map: Pergine Valsugana

BORGO VALSUGANA (about 18 km from the campsite)
Borgo Valsugana is a typical urban river side settlement in Trentino. The town is crossed by river Brenta, conveying a unique Venetian flavour. Enjoy a pleasant walk along Corso Ausugum, dotted with baroque portals and shops with traditional products. Located in Val di Sella, the Arte Natura route leads to Arte Sella, biennial international art exhibition.
Weekly, the town liven up  with a lively market along the main streets.
City map: Borgo Valsugana