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Camping Mario Village – via Lungolago 4 – 38052 Caldonazzo (TN) – Italy
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Interline Srl – via Innsbruck 22, Scala 3 – 38121 Trento (TN)

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Photographs: all photographs are protected by copyright.
-APT Valsugana Archive
-Visit Levico Terme (Levico Terme Food Truck Festival)
-Celado Observatory, Stefano Slompo (APT Valsugana Archive)
-A.p.T. Piné Cembra Archive” (photographers: P.Fiorini and Graziano Panfili, Piramidi di Segonzano and Cascata del Lupo)
-A.p.T. Alpe Cimbra Archive (Breath of the Trees)
-A.p.T. Trento-Monte Bondone Archives (Mercatino Piné – ph.Patrizia Giovannini)
-Archive of the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg Tourist Board (ph. Nicola Cagol, Alfredo Croce), Monte di Mezzocorona – Ph. E. Giovannini.
-special thanks to Walter Segnana
-Argentario Ecomuseum: Orrido di Ponte Alto (photographers: Andrea Monticelli, Marco Rocca, Francesco Zambotti, Matteo De Stefano, Roberto Bellini)
-Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto, Vallagarina e Monte Baldo: photos of Rovereto and its surroundings (photographers: Angela Salvaterra, Jacopo Salvi, Graziano Galvagni, Tommaso Prugnola, Francesco Moretti)
-SOVA-PAT Archive, Levico Park
-Photo Archive MUSE – Science Museum
-Photos MART Rovereto (photographers: Jacopo Salvi, Carlo Baroni, Michele Purin)
-Photo Verona: Archive Municipality of Verona (photographers: F. Modica and M. Archondis)
-Photos Bolzano: Bolzano Tourist Board (photographers: S. Buono, L. Ognibeni, M. Tessaro, Ferrigato)
-some photos have been kindly granted to us by third parties: Moser Trento, Rifugio Crucolo, Arte Sella, Cascata-Grotta del Varone, Grotte di Oliero, Cantina Romanese, Passion Brewery, Birrificio Rethia, Villaggio degli Gnomi, Museo Pietra Viva, Funivia Mezzocorona, Distilleria Marzadro, Distilleria Bertagnolli, Distilleria Francesco di A. Poli, Belvedere-Gschwent Foundation, Casarota Livio Ciola Refuge, Castello Tesino Adventure Park, Caproni Museum, Trento Funivie – Palon Chairlift, Novella River Park, Alpine Coaster Gardonè.

Photovoltaic Camping Mario:
Realisation of a 38.71Kw photovoltaic system in order to start a path towards energy independence and satisfy the needs of our accommodation facility.
Project duration 8/2022 – 12/2023
Total cost € 63,019.18.00
ERDF Contribution € 22,167.60
Project co-financed by the ERDF 2021-2027 programme of the Autonomous Province of Trento