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Experiences for every passion

Welcome to Trentino, in the heart of Valsugana: during your outdoor holiday at Camping Mario Village, you will discover a wonderful area, where every step is an emotion and every landscape will leave you breathless.

Tramonto Laghi

Lake Caldonazzo

Located just a few steps from Camping Mario Village, Lake Caldonazzo offers an unforgettable experience in the middle of nature. In every season, the lake...

Tramonto Laghi

Walking and trekking

Numerous walking and trekking opportunities suitable for all levels can be found near Camping Mario Village, located next to the picturesque Lake Caldonazzo in the...

Tramonto Laghi


Explore the surroundings of Camping Mario Village and the charming Lake Caldonazzo by bicycle, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Valsugana thanks to the...

Tramonto Laghi


Discover breathtaking landscapes, enchanted forests, and crystal-clear lakes that capture the soul. In Trentino every corner tells a story of timeless beauty, where nature reveals...

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Art and Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant art around Camping Mario Village on Lake Caldonazzo. From medieval castles to fascinating museums, from local traditions...

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Nearby locations

Discover towns and villages near Camping Mario Village and Lake Caldonazzo, easily accessible by bicycle, train or car.

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Food and wine

Explore Trentino’s food and wine: during your holiday at Camping Mario Village, immerse yourself in a tasty journey through authentic flavours and centuries-old traditions. Among...

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Sports activities

Enjoy extraordinary experiences with your family while discovering the world of outdoor sports during your holiday at Camping Mario Village, on Lake Caldonazzo, in the...

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For the little ones

Discover a variety of exciting activities for children around Lake Caldonazzo. From Camping Mario Village you can reach museums, amusement parks and easy walks. Go...