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Explore villages and towns around the campsite

Discover towns and villages near Camping Mario Village and Lake Caldonazzo, easily accessible by bicycle, train or car.

The campsite is located on a road that runs alongside Lake Caldonazzo, where you will find restaurants, pizzerias and ice-cream parlours. Some of these delightful establishments also offer the opportunity to enjoy delicacies with a breathtaking view of the lake, providing unforgettable moments of pleasure and wonder.


About 1.5 km away are Caldonazzo and Calceranica, quiet, mainly rural villages. They offer essential services.

Weekly, the two villages come alive with the weekly market along the main streets.

About a 10-minute walk from the campsite you will find the Caldonazzo train station, allowing you to reach nearby villages or the city of Trento.

The nearest shopping centres are located in the town of Pergine Valsugana (8 km), Borgo Valsugana (15 km) and the city of Trento (23 km).


Levico Terme (about 5 km from the campsite) is a historic thermal city, leaving visitors impressed with its 19th-century character. Nobles from all over Europe used to come to restore themselves (Hapsburg Thermal Park) from their courtly labours. The combination of ancient and modern makes it an ideal centre for strolling among small shops and boutiques. Levico is situated on the shores of the homonymous Lake Levico.

Weekly, the town comes alive with a lively market along the main streets.


Pergine Valsugana (about 8 km from the campsite) has medieval origins, as evidenced by the historic towers attached to the ancient castle. Also, the nearby Valle dei Mocheni, the enchanted valley covered with larch forests, is definitely worth a visit. In Pergine you will find small shops and a shopping centre, with a large supermarket and several shops inside to satisfy your shopping cravings.

Weekly, the town comes alive with a lively market along the main streets.

Apt Valsugana_Borgo_Valsugana_-_Angela_Ventin_(5)


Borgo Valsugana (about 18 km from the campsite) is an urbanised river town in Trentino. The town centre is divided by the Brenta River and has a strong Venetian character. From the suburb of Olle, the road climbs up to Val di Sella, where the Arte natura (Art and Nature) trail leads visitors to discover Arte Sella.

Weekly, the town comes alive with a lively market along the main streets.


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