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Regulations of the camping

These regulations are displayed inside the holiday village and on the web site. Entrance to the campsite implies that guests accept and comply with them. Members of staff are authorized to have regulations respected and to signal any failure in their compliance.
-  Guests are admitted to the campsite once they have registered their personal details at the reception on presentation of  a valid identity document.
- The entrance to the whole area of the campsite, with the services, is allowed only with the registration and the personal and identification bracelet given at the reception. It is valid only for the period of staying inside the area of the campsite. Those who do not wear the bracelet or wear a wrong one will be reported to the competent authorities
- Minors  (<18 years) must be accompanied and stay with adults who are responsible for them.
-  If another member of the group arrives at a later date, they must communicate their arrival and departure on the said dates and follow the above procedure.
-  For organizational reasons, your tent pitch or accommodation is assigned by Management.  It is not possible to change location on one’s own initiative
-  Payment is accepted during the following payment times: from 10 to 12 and from 17 to 19. The payment outside cash desk opening hours is subject to extra charge.
-  Payment can be made in cash (within the limits set out by law), by debit card or credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
-  The prices do not include the TOURIST TAX € 1,00 per person, per night  for a maximum of 10 consecutive nights; Children under the age of 14 are exempt.
-  Prices are formed dynamically. The estimate price is based on the data you provide us. The direction cannot be accountable for errors and omissions. The final price will be calculated at the moment of the payment.
-  The pitch must be free by 11:00, and also the persons must leave the camping before 11:00. For departures after this time we will charge one more night.
-  One parking space is included in the price of each pitch (the car has to be parked inside the pitch area).
-  The accommodation must be free within 10:00, and also the persons must leave the camping before 10:00. For departures after this time we will charge one more night.
-  Minimum stay for accommodation: 3 nights in low season. July and August the minimum stay is 7 nights.
-  Arrival and departure days in low season: a) WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY: Suite Harmony, Villa, Chalet Superior Plus, Chalet Superior; b) THURSDAY and SUNDAY: Suite Garden Paradise, Suite Lounge.
-  Arrival and departure days in July And August: a) WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY: Suite Harmony, Villa, Chalet Superior Plus, Chalet Superior, Chalet, Chalet Gold; b) THURSDAY and SUNDAY: Suite Garden Paradise, Suite Lounge.
-  All accommodations are equipped with kitchen ware, service, blankets and pillows. Kitchen towels, cleaning cloths, garbage bags and toilet paper are not provided. Use the equipment with care; every broken or missing item will be debited on your bill.
-  Guests must leave the accommodation in the same conditions they found it. Guests may clean by themselves or use the cleaning service for € 25 (the guest must in any case leave the kitchen clean and throw the rubbish away). In case the final inspection shows that the accommodation is not in order, the guest will be charged with a penalty of € 50,00.
-  One parking space is included in the price of each accommodation.
VISITORS (without overnight stay)
-  The entrance is allowed at discretion of the Management
-  Visits are only allowed from 8:00 in the morning until maximum 20:00 in the evening
-  Daily visitors, people who visit the campsite and people who visit the camp site’s guests but do not stay the night, can access the camp site on foot, at the allowed times (max until 20:00) and upon authorization by the Management and presentation of an identity document at reception and deposit.
-  The relevant price will be strictly applied after 15 minute’s stay and only then will the visitor be able to use the swimming pool and other facilities present in the camp site.
-  People discovered on the premises without authorization will be reported for unlawful entry and theft of services in accordance with art. 614 C.P. and art. 624 C.P.
-  Vehicles must travel at walking pace.
-  The car must be parked at a minimum distance of 1 meter from tents, trailers/caravans, etc.
-  Transit is prohibited between 23.00 and 07.00.
-  Extra parking, not bookable, spaces will be assigned by Management and upon payment of the relevant charge.
-  Opening and closing times are indicated at the entrance to the swimming pool and can vary depending on season and climate.
- It is compulsory to wear the identification bracelet given at the time of registration at the reception. It is valid only for the period of staying for all the services inside the area of the campsite. Those who do not wear the bracelet will be reported to the competent authorities
-  The temperature of the water in the heated pool (up to 28°C) may vary depending on the weather temperature.
-  Entry to the swimming pool is only allowed with clean footwear.  A swimming hat is not compulsory.
-  It is compulsory to have a shower and use the antimycotic for feet before entering the swimming pool.
-  Diving and jumping is severely prohibited.
-  Disturbing the other bathers with balls, inflatables and with the use of improper behaviour is prohibited.
-  Children under the age of 12 can only enter the pool if accompanied by an adult.
-  Animals are not allowed in the pool area.
-  The use of glass objects is not allowed.
-  A lifeguard is present during pool opening times.  Management is not responsible for any accidents outside of these times.
-  Beach umbrellas and sun beds can be used by all guests upon availability and cannot be booked.
-  We kindly ask our guests to avoid putting towels or other items on the sun beds to keep them busy when you are not using them.
-  Any temporary closure of the pool and/or any temporary suspension of the services connected to the pool due to technical reasons or due to force majeure, does not oblige the direction to pay for any kind of compensates or refunds.
-  The use of the waterslide is permitted only to children up to 10 years old accompanied by an adult, who will be responsible.
-  The Management shall not be held liable for any improper use of the waterslide.
-  The lifeguard has the right to expel from the pool – for a period of time at Management’s discretion – those who do not respect the rules and those who cause a disturbance, according to lifeguard’s opinion.
-  Pets are allowed on all the types of pitches.
-  In the accommodations pets are not allowed.
-  Pets may be admitted with the authorization of Management and must therefore be signaled upon booking and/or check-in.
-  Pets must have all vaccination documents.
-  Dogs must be kept on a lead.
-  Owners must take dogs outside the campsite to go to the toilet.
-  Pets owners are fully responsible for any damage caused by animals to third persons or property.
-  Pets must not be taken into the children’s playground or swimming pool.
-  Pets are not allowed to enter the public beach area as specified in municipal regulations.
-  It is the owners’ duty to assure and respect normal hygienic-sanitary rules.
-  It is severely prohibited to:
     • smoke in lodgings, toilets and public spaces in the whole campsite (Art. 51, Law no. 3, 16/01/2003)
     • damage the vegetation and the campsite propert
     • use the barbecue with charcoal on the pitch
     • light fires
     • leave lighted and unattended candles and / or naked flame
     • keep any kind of fuel or flammable substance
     • dig holes
     • pour oil, petrol, boiling, salted or waste liquids into the soil
     • wash cars
     • waste water or use it improperly
     • suspend ropes at man-height, install anything that may cause  potential danger or block freedom of movement
-  In the green area of the Suite is forbidden to pitch tents, gazebo, awnings, parasol ecc.
-  Connection to the electrical circuit may be carried out using equipment that complies with current legislation.  A single cable must be used to plug anything in.  Guests are responsible for electrical connections made using faulty equipment.
-  Drinking fountains must only be used to draw water.
-  Guests should separate and recycle their waste and dispose of it using the recycling area inside the campsite.
-  Chemical toilets  must be emptied using the appropriate waste area at times that do not coincide with meal times.
-  Linen and crockery must be washed in the appropriate sinks and not at night time.
-  In case of any breakdowns or inefficiencies in the mobile homes or in the pitches, the fixing will be carried out according to the availability and timing of the specialized technicians.
-  Improper behaviour, activities or games and the use of equipment that may disturb other guests must be avoided at all times.
-  Adults are responsible for children in their care and must make sure that their behaviour does not disturb the other guests.  Children must be accompanied when using the various facilities and in the toilets.
-  The code to access WiFi is only given to adults by management and upon acceptance of the conditions of use.
-  The use of all camp site equipment and facilities is at user’s risk.
-  Management will not accept any responsibility for loss, theft, wear and tear, damage or destruction of any valuables that have not been previously handed in for custody by Management, nor will it accept responsibility for any accidents, thefts or damage caused by third persons or by unforeseen circumstances or natural calamity.
-  Management will not pay damages or reimburse for any temporary interruptions to services or activities due to technical reasons or causes beyond its control.
-   In case of overbooking the guest cannot stay on the campsite and at the discretion of Camping Mario Village the guest will be referred to the nearest campsite, in accordance with the availability of the latter.
-  Management reserves the right to cancel a booking, for whatever reason, with an official e-mail up to 20 days before your arrival.
-  The Camping Management has the right to put guests on a Black List and they will not have the possibility any longer to book and/or stay in the campsite.
-  Management reserves the right to expel whoever does not comply with these regulations, therefore disturbing the peace and harmony and the spirit of camping, or damages the well-being of communal life and the interests of the camp site. Management has the right to be reimbursed for any damage that may be caused and will withhold the deposit paid in advance.
-  For whatever has not been included in the above regulations, please refer to current laws.  Any disputes will be sent to the law court in Trento.  We, above all, confide in our guests’ collaboration, their respect for others, for nature and for property.